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Why Rust Check?

Corrosive salt and damaging moisture penetrate unprotected metals, seep into inner panel seams and undercarriage components which will destroy metal over time. These changes can make your vehicle unsafe.

Unlike conventional oil, tar and wax based products, which do little more than just cover up the metal in your vehicle, Rust Check creeps into all hidden rust prone areas including doors, fenders, pillars, frame members, engine compartment and cavernous undercarriage areas where corrosion commonly occurs.

Originally developed for the aerospace industry, Rust Check is a clean, specially formulated blend of chemicals that bonds to metal and dispels moisture.

Rust Check contains active chemicals with a unique penetrating ability that allows it to reach hairline cracks, welded seams and crevices to form a protective barrier against rust.
 Recommended as a yearly service, Rust Check is completely reapplied annually to ensure complete protection. 

Rust Check Portland

Time-Tested & Proven Since 1973

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