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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Can you spray Rust Check in any weather?
    A: Yes! We have so much humidity in Maine that your vehicle is nearly always wet. It is always ok to apply Rust Check products, since they are a moisture displacement product. Even in the rain, you can spray Rust Check rustproofing products in any weather, and at any time of the year.
  • Q: What kind of rust protection should I get for my car?
    A: Since 1973, Rust Check customers have reported excellent results from their Rust Check products and services. In fact, we received the 1997 Consumers Choice Award for Automobile Rust Proofing Service. Our rust protection products work equally well on used vehicles as new ones. Our Rust Check services provide complete annual re-applications, not just touch-ups and carry a lifetime warranty, renewable yearly, as long as our product is applied.
  • Q: Why do I need additional rust protection for my car?
    A: Studies have shown that with additional rust protection, cars almost never had any rust, even after more than 13 years. If you want to retain your vehicle’s resale value or residual value when coming off a lease, you need additional rust protection.
  • Q: My car already has a different type of rustproofing applied on it. Will Rust Check be as efficient in this case?
    A: Other wax- or tar-based rustproofing products tend to fail; drying, cracking and flaking over time. This means moisture will seep into your coating and allow rust to form. If such a treatment has been applied, Rust Check should be added to your treatment. There will be no ill effect. In fact, the Rust Check will seep into the cracks in the other product’s coating, pulling out the moisture and retarding the formation of rust.
  • Q: How long does an application take?
    A: Typically, an application takes about 45 minutes.
  • Q: Does your product drip?
    A: Rust Check is a thin liquid that penetrates deeply into the crevices of your car. It may drip a little, since it’s so thin. The runniness of the product is what allows it to seep into deep crevices, where rust often starts. However, our undercarriage application of Coat & Protect won’t drip.
  • Q: Do you drill holes?
    A: A few holes may be required in order to access body cavities that factory design has not allowed for. These holes are approximately 1/2 inch in size, and enable even and complete coverage of each panel. Every hole is coated with Rust Check and capped with a black plug.
  • Q: Is there anything I should do to prepare my car for process?
    A: Please just make sure the vehicle has been washed. If you’re bringing in a 4x4, please remove any mud or heavy build-up by pressure washing. We’ll be better able to keep to our 1 hour application time if you take these steps.
  • Q: Will Rust Check void any new car factory warranties?
    A: No. Rust Check is an aftermarket product, but it will not void any factory warranties issued by the manufacturer.
  • Q: What is your warranty?
    A: Rust Check provides lifetime, annually renewable warranties to all vehicles less than one model year old and to qualified cars up to five model years old. This is not a money-back warranty – if a vehicle rusts from the inside out, we will pay for the repairs in accordance with the Warranty Certificate. The warranty is transferable, and has no mileage restrictions. NOTE: The warranty is annually renewed when your car is "Rust Checked."
  • Q: Are there benefits to using touch-up paint?
    A: Surface rust forms on vehicles very often due to stone chips. To avoid paint blisters where stone chips occur, touch-up paint can be very helpful, saving you hundreds of dollars in body work fees down the road.

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