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Back in 1970, a Canadian pilot aimed to combat the corrosion of dissimilar metals and electronic components in light aircrafts. After careful and thorough research, it was discovered that the conventional rust proofing techniques such as sealants, tars, and waxes were keeping the moisture out, but also keeping the moisture in. In fact, oils were simply floating on top of the water. Clearly, further research was needed.


Oil spray would not bond to metal surfaces for prolonged periods of time. The hypothesis was that a precise formula of various chemicals was needed to displace moisture, penetrate contaminants, absorb into seams and crevices, and bond to metal. Conducting two years of further research led to the creation of Rust Check’s patented formula, which was created and refined for the automotive industry. In the fall of 1973, this unique chemically formulated, environmentally responsible, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) rust protection system was introduced through the first Rust Check Center in Hepworth, Ontario, Canada.


Since 1973, over 300 Rust Check locations have been established internationally and more than two million Rust Check body protection applications have been performed with truly amazing results. Early research affirms that the application of sealants, tars, and waxes was clearly the wrong approach to controlling corrosive oxidation and metallic rust out. Moisture was the primary catalyst that accelerated the corrosion process. Therefore, the elimination of moisture was essential to the success of a powerful rust inhibitor.

Rust Check Portland specializes in ensuring the safety and longevity of your vehicle by offering the best tested and approved product on the market for vehicle protection. The evolution of Rust Check was pioneered through hard work and strategic research in order to formulate the best product on the market to meet customers’ needs.














The first two Rust Check locations in Maine are owned and operated by, Mike and Cody Cormier, a father and son duo from Bangor, Maine. The Cormier family has a long history in the automotive industry dating back to Leo Cormier who opened Bangor Radiator in 1929. Three generations and 90 years later Bangor Radiator is still thriving in it's origin city. Leo, Raymond and Michael based the foundation of their business on honesty, reliability, hard work and, of course, the original sad radiators that still hang on the building at the new Bangor Radiator location on Maine Avenue.


Rust Check Bangor was established as an additive to the Radiator Shop in 2014. This was the first Rust Check location in New England and the customer response was tremendous.  In January of 2017 Cody ventured South and opened the second Rust Check location in Westbrook, Maine. Continuing the automotive tradition, the fourth generation Cormier is striving to expand the Rust Check name and is hopeful to open more locations throughout the Northeast. 


Stop in and see Mike in Bangor or Cody in Westbrook for any questions or to just say hello.

The music's always on! 

Update* Mike Cormier has happily retired and sold Bangor Radiator/ Rust Check Bangor to Adam Beals. Cody is still running the Westbrook location and is the regional Rust Check distributor for Rust Check International. Sending product to the Bangor, Shapleigh and Sabattus locations.



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